The Value of College

Is College Really Worth It?

Students and parents need all the help they can get understanding options and navigating the thousands of life-changing decisions regarding education and training after high school.

You have the opportunity, skills and knowledge to help students and parents understand the value of college including better employment options, more growth opportunities and financial stability.

And now with this handbook and accompanying toolkit, you’ll also have a few extra tools by your side.

Together, let’s educate local communities, school districts and campuses about education after high school and demonstrate the value of planning for the future today because college is worth it.

Value of College Handbook Cover

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#1. Unify the message and voice around the value of education after high school (better employment options, opportunities for growth and higher, more stable earnings).
Tools – Big Idea #1

#2. Cultivate a sense of value for all educational pathways after high school – career technical education, certificates, associate’s degrees and bachelor’s degrees.
Tools – Big Idea #2

#3. Change how students approach their educational futures by increasing awareness of the full range of available options and encouraging early planning.
Tools – Big Idea #3