John T. Montford, Trustee Emeritus

John T. Montford

Former Chairman, President & CEO of JTM Consulting, LLC

John T. Montford has built a career as unique and sweeping as the state of Texas, where he has enjoyed success in business, law, state government, philanthropy and in higher education.

A graduate of the University of Texas-Austin and UT Law, Montford’s professional career began with his service as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps. Following his tour of active duty, he launched his legal career in Lubbock, Texas, eventually winning office as District Attorney where he earned a reputation for being especially tough on violent offenders.

He was elected to the Texas Senate, where he served with distinction for 14 years, and was regularly recognized as one of the “Top 10 Best Legislators.” He sponsored more than 500 bills including a statewide water plan, a civil justice reform package, reform of the “Deceptive Trade Practices Act”, tort reform, insurance reform, reform of the workers’ compensation system and bills to support higher education.

In 1996, Montford was selected as the first Chancellor of Texas Tech University. He elevated the university’s standing, established records in raising funds, facilitated $1 billion in new construction and campus upgrades, and guided the university’s overall growth.

In 2001, Montford was recruited by Ed Whitacre, CEO of SBC Communications, to lead the company’s legislative and regulatory affairs for the company in Texas and twelve other states. His responsibilities expanded following the merger of SBC and AT&T in 2005. At AT&T, Montford helped shepherd passage of landmark legislation, including major regulatory reform bills.

In 2009, Montford was again tapped by Whitacre to help rebuild the new GM. In 2010 and 2011, he served as a member of the GM Executive Committee and Chairman of the Board of the General Motors Foundation. Montford instituted effective legislative and regulatory teams for Congress and all 50 states.

2012, Montford established his own consulting and lobbying firm, JTM Consulting LLC.