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Previous Programs and Partnerships

Making Opportunity Affordable – Tuning Texas

Texas was one of 11 states that received a one-year planning grant of $150,000 through the Lumina Foundation’s Making Opportunity Affordable (MOA) initiative to develop a strategic five-year plan for improving the state’s productivity in higher education. The THECB used this grant to look at ways to change the formula funding methodology in the state to an outcome based formula and to improve the process and success of students enrolling in 2 year Community Colleges and transitioning to two years at a Texas University (2+2 articulation). The states selected for this grant were eligible to compete for a $2 million Opportunity Grant to implement their plans over four years and Texas successfully won this award.

Quality Teacher Preparation

The Quality Teacher Preparation project forged a partnership between THECB and the Center for Research Evaluation, and Advancement of Teacher Education (CREATE). CREATE is a consortium of 45 universities working collaboratively and cooperatively with the THECB to provide opportunities for member institutions and the profession at large to systematically explore quality and effectiveness issues related to teacher preparation, retention, and student achievement. The program promotes and accelerates improvements in university-based teacher preparation programs by identifying exceptional teacher candidates and exemplary practices within existing programs and fosters broad scale application of identified best practices to improve quality and productivity of university-based programming.

 Enabling Data-Driven P-20 Policy and Practice

Designed to enable informed, data-driven decisions for setting educational policy and improving educational practice in Texas by improving the capacity for education research in the state, this project was funded by a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grant that began in 2008. The project provided short term support for a new education research infrastructure and allowed THECB to build long-term research capacity by supporting a strategic planning process. This project provided short-term support and long-term planning for sustainability for the state’s Education Research Centers.

College for All Texans AmeriCorps State – Go Initiative

This program addressed the state’s initiative of Closing the Gaps by 2015 to encourage a college going culture and increase the college going rates among students in low performing high schools. The program was started September 1, 2007 with a grant from OneStar Foundation. Partnerships have been established with 37 schools in 19 school districts across Central and South Texas. Forty AmeriCorps members were placed in new and established GO Centers where they provided assistance with college readiness and college preparation to high school students throughout the school year. Program funding through the Foundation ended August 31, 2009.

 Go Center Partnership-Houston

A THECB program designed to increase the college-going rates in eight Houston high schools; this program included the development and management of Go Centers as a primary outreach mechanism to meet statewide enrollment goals. Go Centers are locally-manage college and career awareness centers that provide a place for students and their parents to have Internet access as well as personal guidance from a college mentor, community member, or other adult. The program pulled together school district College Access Coordinators, full-time academic advisors, college mentors, and AmeriCorp*VISTA members to develop activities to promote a college-going culture in the seventh largest school district in the US. This was a pilot project, largely funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

 Mobile Go Centers & Satellite Go Centers

In 2005 the AT&T Foundation awarded the Foundation an eight-year grant to equip Mobile Go Center and Satellite Go Centers with the electronic technology necessary to connect students, parents and others via the Internet to information and support for planning for, applying to, funding, and succeeding in college. Mobile Go Centers, managed and operated by institutions of higher education, are large trailers equipped with satellites and laptops that can go into the community and provide college preparation services. As the result of the seed sown by this grant, eighteen Mobile Go Centers were constructed and put into operation across the state of Texas. Grants from the Greater Texas Foundation, AMD, the Houston Endowment, Sid Richardson Foundation, Dodge Jones Foundation, Meadows Foundation, Zachry Foundation, Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation, Texas Pioneer Foundation, and others funded the construction of Mobile Go Centers.

A Satellite Go Center is a college preparation center in a community space operated by a nonprofit organization. THECB partnered with the United Way of Texas (UWT) to help set up and oversee these centers. Technology grants from the AT&T funds made these centers possible. Currently over 20 Satellite Go Centers across Texas visit Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCAs, libraries and community centers, sharing information about how to plan, prepare, and pay for college.

 College for All Texans AmeriCorps*VISTA Program

The AmeriCorps*VISTA program began in December 2006 as a pilot program in San Antonio, Texas to provide twelve K-12 campuses with a fulltime VISTA member to promote a college-going culture and establish and create sustainable GO Center programs for students, their families and the surrounding community. A Go Center is a college readiness/preparation site using materials and resources provided by the THECB . A community partnership was developed with Communities In Schools of San Antonio (CIS-SA) to host VISTA members on targeted K-12 school campuses. In coordination with a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the VISTA program expanded to the Houston area with twenty-two members serving eight high schools and their fourteen feeder middle school campuses. In FY09 and FY10 the Foundation provided much of the matching funds required for this effort.

 Wiley’s Way

Wiley’s Way, a bilingual chapter book in Spanish and English, targeted at 4th, 5th and 6th graders, was written and illustrated by twelve high school students with the goal of encouraging children, especially those who might not otherwise aspire to a college education, to begin thinking about college at an early age. Published by the University of Texas Press in 2004, the book was part of the College for All Texan’s campaign to promote a college going culture in Texas. The project was largely funded by the Houston Endowment and the Sid W. Richardson Foundation. Wiley’s Way continues to inspire children today.

Elementary School Curriculum (TEKS based): Wiley’s Way Teachers Guide