Texas College & Career: A one-stop, no-cost online resource for college and career planning

Texas College & Career provides students and their parents with a reliable college- and career-planning guide. As early as middle school, students can:

  • Track the courses and credits they need to graduate
  • Complete interests, skills, and values assessments.
  • Develop a resume
  • Create a personalized career plan
  • Research colleges and universities to find the best fit
  • Keep college and scholarship lists
  • Manage and track applications online
  • Research and apply for financial aid
  • Share progress with parents, mentors, and counselors

Parents and mentors have access to many of the same tools and resources that their student has so that they can stay involved every step of the way.  Through an easy-to-use dashboard, parents and mentors can:

  • Track their student’s progress toward state and local high school graduation requirements
  • Understand college and career options and preparation requirements
  • View their student’s goals, plans, and preferences
  • Compare careers, colleges, and costs
  • Calculate the cost of college
  • Find affordable financing
  • Collaborate with their student in new ways

Counselors can support student progress as they prepare and plan.  From a simple-to-use dashboard, counselors can:

  • View real-time details of each student’s individual graduation plan with a single snapshot
  • Communicate easily with students to encourage additional planning efforts
  • Automate alerts and progress tracking
  • Streamline case management
  • Identify and cultivate relationships with at-risk students
  • Guide student decisions
  • Track and assess results

Students, parents, mentors, and counselors can register for free access to Texas College & Career by visiting https://www.texascollegeandcareer.org/Ext/Texas/Home/index.html.

Texas College & Career is managed by the Texas Education Agency and powered by ConnectEDU technologies in partnership with Edvance Research, Inc.