May 4 is GenTX Day: Wear your college T-shirt to salute college-bound students!

May 2012

Tens of thousands of Texans will show their support for the state’s college-bound students by wearing their college T-shirts on Friday, May 4, the state’s second annual GenTX Day.

“We hope everyone will wear their college T-shirts,” said Connie Freeman, GenTX Campaign Director. “It’s an easy way to send a powerful message about the value of higher education, and it will create opportunities for people to share their stories about their college choices and their careers.”

GenTX Day focuses attention on the GenTX (pronounced Generation Texas) grassroots movement aimed at creating a college-going culture across the state. Funded by a federal College Access Challenge Grant to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, the movement’s goal is to convince graduating high school students that they can earn more throughout their lifetimes by learning more now, in college.

“GenTX Day is an idea that is elegantly simple and invites everyone to participate by simply wearing their favorite college t-shirt,” said Dr. Raymund Paredes, Texas Commissioner of Higher Education. “Now, if everyone across the state did that, just imagine how dramatic the impact of that would be just in terms of a show of support for our Texas students. But more importantly, imagine the opportunities for conversation that it creates. It might just be the one conversation that changes someone’s life.”

In 2011, the Texas Legislature, communities, businesses, and celebrities joined forces to make the state’s first GenTX Day a success. Across the state, Texans sported their favorite college T-shirts, ball caps, and jerseys. NFL quarterback Vince Young and the Grammy Award-winning songwriting trio The Bama Boyz talked about the barriers they overcame to reach their higher-education goals. And the Texas supermarket chain H-E-B encouraged its more than 50,000 employees statewide to wear their college T-shirts to work on GenTX Day. To see how Texans celebrated the first GenTX Day, visit

Here are three ways you can make GenTX Day even bigger in 2012:

1) Wear a college T-shirt

2) Spread the word about GenTX Day

  • Encourage everyone you know to wear a college T-shirt on May 4.
  • Put up signs and messages about GenTX Day at your school or business — anyplace people will see them. Visit the Download Center on for free flyers, posters and more.

3) Connect with others on GenTX Day and be seen!

  • Take and share photos of yourself and your friends wearing college T-shirts at, and on Twitter with the hashtag #GenTXDay.
  • Change your profile picture on Facebook to a photo of you in your college T-shirt.
  • Share your own higher education story with someone.

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